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Комментарий от erayakdag if you are a frost mage you can kill it easilly with your water elemantal in lvl Had a hard time hitting him at first as Dire Bear. My rage was so low i thought it might be bugged. You might want to start in cat form to get him down faster. If it takes a while then use ur combo points, shift out of cat form, health pot or Rejuv, Bear Form, Enrage, mangle. I was slightly over hp when all was said and done. Комментарий от Discombobulator 52 affliction lock, total joke of a fight. Комментарий от me4ou Very easy quest i soloed it with my 51lvl lock wasnt that hard!!! Use void to tank and let him gain aggro then dot, fear, shadow bolt. Комментарий от Stilnoct Does anyone know if this quest is broken?

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The meat disappeared after a while: Would be thankfull for a answer: Комментарий от LlihC you placed the pheromones as well? Комментарий от Stilnoct Thanks alot for sayin that m8, I tend to think blond and never realized you were gonna use it to: Комментарий от Evadren Level 52 MS Warrior, easy as pie. Комментарий от ryouga22 This quest now awards xp as of patch 2. Комментарий от Tardonis just to let you guys know, as it wasnt said here. The mob is level Комментарий от NeronaS As of patch 2. Комментарий от Tigersmith Confirmed at level It was really easy: Комментарий от adreaminthenight Ok Комментарий от Gandorf Very easy quest. Soloed her with my 57 Hunter and killed her in 12 seconds. A lvl can finish this fight easy with no problems but his attacks are fast so casters beware. Комментарий от deathstarr57 Solod as a 49 BM hunter. Laid immolation trap and kited him around.

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  • Laid frost trap down when needed. Potted once and burned thru all my cooldowns. It was tough but very possible!! Комментарий от ThEReApEr hes 2 easy for lock 52 level he hits cloth for dmg. Комментарий от cybergal Found your instructions helpful: I managed to kill him as a lvl 51 druid by applying scroll buffs prior to summoning him and using a superior healing potion towards the end. Комментарий от Hapseleg soloed as 51 prot pala, didnt use LOH, bubble or pot. Комментарий от coolcasey6 i soloed him as a 49 bm hunter. I had to Feign Death once, drink one health potion and finished him off. Комментарий от lilpumpkingirl I just killed him and am a lvl 51 hunter, just send ur animal after him and shoot him full of crap lol Комментарий от Shadowhorn Soloed as 50 mage as well. Hit for about per hit crushing. Комментарий от alleenaellinna Very easy. Pain, Devouring Plague, Vampiric Touch, and a couple Mind Blasts did the trick. Комментарий от Phyrius Being a 51 enchancement shaman I thought I was in for a huge fight. Droped stoneskin, Magma and Mana spring totem. Used Shamanistic Rage and to my surprise he barely touched me at all. Easy quest with great xp and not bad mail reward. Комментарий от larsson06 I just did this as 51 hunter bs Комментарий от larsson06 I just did this quest as a 51 Bm hunter realy easy Комментарий от Feorandene I soloed this as a lvl 52 hunter. Then if your a hunter i suggest placing down a fire trap to do extra damage right next to the disk. The way i killed him was as a hunter i sent my pet on him then was firing my bow will my spells when he got close i melled him to the death. Комментарий от SnilleSimen I am a level 50 rogue , when i started i was stealth and missed att ambush: Комментарий от murry Soloed as a level 49 warlock. Also make sure you have a health stone, a healing potion, and a mana potion not required, but helpful. Drop bait and as soon as he is within sight, send the VW into the fray. Apply DOTs and use health funnel when the VW is low on hp. When you are near death, sacrifice your VW and immediately summon another.

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    Continue the process and you should eventually kill it. Комментарий от stijnherreman Rogues, not Rouges. Комментарий от murry Soloed as lvl 49 lock. Комментарий от scr00chy Soloed as 48 protection pala. Tough and long fight though. Комментарий от mudbud93 i beat him as a lvl 50 beast hunter. Комментарий от komek2 Elf hunter lvl51 whid lvl56 tauren! D done this q together Комментарий от jakeywunder SO EASY AS A 51 FERAL DRUID! Комментарий от Ellyni Quest item stays in your bag. Was questing with a buddy and he laid the bait. We both got credit and turned in the quest. I still had the bag in my inventory. Комментарий от pensivegautama Finished at 52 pala with the Krol Blade and used 1 greater mana potion. Not as hard as expected but a cautious approach is a plus. Комментарий от chinmi very easy to do with a 55 druid. Комментарий от Xylth Just soloed this as a lv51 sp. Комментарий от Isolde Every time I do this quest I have to abandon it and get it over and over again because it never works the first time. Most my plate is around lvl quest gear, and weapons not too great either. Did it in battle-stance dw-ing sword and mace. Put down the bait and pheromone, then hit enrage and battle shout.

    приманка для ларкорви 3.3.5

    First hit demoralizing shout, then slapped him with rend and hamstring, and then laid on the sunders to a full stack of 5, then finished him off with heroic strike. Only had to redo demoralizing near the end, but otherwise this mob was an easy kill. I stood on the black rock, used the meat then used the pheromone and stealthed. I popped evasion after he came out of stunlock and just wore him down. Комментарий от happeyhunter Soloed as a lvl 51 NE Druid Feral , had to pop out and heal once but not too hard. Комментарий от Shapeman easyily soloed as a lvl 52 tauren balance druid simply put down meat in moonkin then summoned treants when he came up close. Комментарий от keeds An easy quest, soloed this as a lvl 51 Tauren Shaman enhancement. Good idea to lay down some totems, i used stoneskin, mana spring and grace of air. Used a couple fire totems too. Комментарий от lasthance51 52 nelf hunter owned his ass. Комментарий от Decay Well, just soloed as a 51 feral druid, as poster a few down said, popped out once with barkskin to rejuve and regrowth, then went back into cat. Note, can stealth right after application of scent, but right before he arrives. Комментарий от Twisteh Almost soloed as 49 lock. Problem is he keeps resisting, so I keep going through my mana and have to life tap. Комментарий от ary1 Soloed as a 51 BM Nelf Hunter. I let my pet do all the work, saved my mana for mend pet, but also had posion sting and a arcane shot every now and then. This fight took me less then one minute. Hope this helps other hunters lower then myself. Комментарий от Tokoyaa Soloed as a 51 Orc Warlock. Комментарий от Veda very easy to do, just did it about five minutes ago as a lvl 48 feral druid..

    приманка для ларкорви 3.3.5

    Комментарий от Zazzy Just completed it with my Feral Druid level 50 solo. It can be done but used 3 pots of Superior Mana Potion. Probably the hardest fight I have ever had with any alt. Not bad for 10, XP. Комментарий от Milkshake Soloed with 49 level Enhancement Shammy. It was tough fight, but with help of totems and Major healing potion , I won. Комментарий от cyberous Soloed as a 50 NE Rogue. You can stealth after u place the items so u can garrote or CS the mob. After that use 5cp on Rupture and open evasion. When evasion fades fight it a little bit Blind and First aid when your health drops. Have a potion with you just to be sure. Комментарий от Nina Easily soloed as a lvl 49 feral druid. Not particularly tough at all to be honest.

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    Very easy, even for such a low lvl as me, redicilously enough. Комментарий от ghostboy Fumble-fingered, no-armored 53 mage , no difficult task. As simple as most of the other critters around. Frostbolt to slow, fireball to damage, after that use fireblast, frostnova, arcane missles, ice block to reset cool downs , rinse and repeat.

    Приманка для Лар'корви

    Just turn around and look at the pylon, plenty of time to get your frostbolt off. I just solo it with my hunter lvl 51 so it pretty easy just need to heal pet. Комментарий от icon Please dont post "easily solod with xx class" this isnt thottbot - no one cares if you solod it or not. This will go into your pack. It will put items Preserved Pheromone Mixture and Preserved Threshadon Meat into your pack. Then right click on Preserved Pheromone Mixture that is in your pack. I will post back when I find the level when I can complete the quest. Комментарий от flymolo21 Easy solo 54 warrior. Make sure you put it on the flat rock He appears from the way you came in. Комментарий от codenamecng Very easy, I soloed this with my level 51 paladin with no bubble and no heals. He did about damage each time but I am all plate. Некоторые возможности системы не будут работать. Пожалуйста, включите JavaScript для получения доступа ко всем функциям. Community Forum Software by IP. Board Русификация от IBResource Лицензия зарегистрирована на: Багтрекер Wrath of the Lich King Рассмотренное Отклонено WotLK Статус: Отключен JavaScript У вас отключен JavaScript. Присоединяйтесь к игрокам сервера Isengard и ощутите все преимущества! Бесплатно и без доната Наш проект является полностью бесплатным и на нём полностью отсутствует донат игровых ценностей! Высокая работоспособность Геодата, классы и способности, подземелья и рейды: Высокий онлайн Онлайн на всех наших мирах РЕАЛЬНЫЙ, ежесуточно наши миры посещает более игроков! You have proven to be a great hunter in your own right. Your spirit is strong. And your strength has been fortified. I bow down to your skills. Only the greatest of my ancestors could have accomplished something so incredible. Главная Достижения Звания NPC Локации Заклинания. Валюта Квесты Вещи Фракции Объекты Классы. Новое на портале Так же читают: Предок Лунное Копье в WoW Сейчас играют в:

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